Adventures With Kit Peru 2019
Adventures With Kit Peru 2019

Latest Updates on our November 2019 Trip To Peru!


Adventures With Kit
Adventures With Kit

When you ‘travel with all your heart’, you can’t help but want to share the experiences. These days I’m hiring out as an Adventure Guide and a Tour Director. I’ll take you to places that don’t have Campbell’s Tomato soup on the menu. Places that don’t show up on the list of  ‘all-inclusive’ swim-up bars and American-ized hotel rooms. Not that I have anything against hot showers …

Travel Writing
Travel Writing

I spend a great deal of time on the road and there’s a good chance I’ll be in a location you’re looking to cover. Last couple of years–Peru, Guatemala, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Antarctica and Burma.

I see local colour from a different perspective. My writing looks through the eyes of the people who live there. The place always sells better with a fresh new look.

Adventures With Kit-Peru!

Okay here we go!  The itinerary is confirmed.  I will have pricing by the end of the week–a couple of weeks in advance of what I was expecting.  If you think you might be interested,...
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Travel Writing Services

 This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Revue Magazine in Antigua Guatemala. It doesn’t feel like we’ve even left Antigua.  20 minutes out of the bus plaza behind the market, we’re pulling...
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About Kit

Travel with all your Heart … My name is Cross. Kit Cross. Remember when they said Timbuktu was as far away as you could get? And yes, my life reads like the location settings for...
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Adventures With Kit-Peru!

Okay here we go!  The itinerary is confirmed.  I will have pricing by the end of the week–a couple of weeks in advance of what I was expecting.  If you think you might be interested, email me for more detail
When you’re ready to book, get in touch with Raelene Cormier at Around the World Travel in Nanaimo.  Contact info below.

What is an “Adventures with Kit”?

Please read to make sure you know what you’re getting into

The accommodations are in family run inns-not chains.  They’re sometimes quirky and unusual.  If I find a castle, we’ll be in it!  Rooms have attached bath, hot water (normally) and a fan in the ceiling rather than air conditioning.  Comfortable, clean and simple are the order of the day.  I think I’ve chosen well.  This is definitely not a 5 star trip–we’re here for the adventure!

 As with all Adventures with Kit, I’ve left lots of free time with activities available you can join in if you like.  Or not.  There are excellent free walking tours in Lima, Arequipa and Cuzco (just tip the guide).  There’s also a highly recommended photo tour of Cuzco backstreets ($75) or rafting in Arequipa that you might want to jump on. Or you are free to do your own thing.

To Book

Raelene Cormier

Around the World Travel

1 250 753-2282

More info? 

  Kit Cross


Adventures with Kit-Peru!

November 3-21 2019

Pricing to follow

Day 0  Recommend you come in a day or 2 ahead.

Day 1  Arrive Lima by 1400hrs.  Welcome dinner

Day 2 Free day in Lima.  Walking tour in Barranco?  Or to the Old City?

Day 3  Flight to Arequipa. Opt. evening candlelight tour to the Monastery

Day 4 Free day in Arequipa.  Walking tour?  Rafting?  Chilling?

Day 5  Off to Colca Canyon and Condors!  Passing 4800 meters today

Day 6   Colca Canyon and some hiking if you’re up for it

Day 7  To Puno, Lake Titicaca.  Fabulous drive across the high plain

Day 8  Optional visit to the reed islands and Taquile on Lake Titicaca

Day 9  Train up the valley to Cuzco

Day 10  Free day in Cuzco or trip to Pizac market

Day 11 Tour through the Sacred Valley and train to Aguas Calientes

Day 12 Tour to Machu Picchu in the morning.  Free afternoon to explore

Day 13 Train to Cuzco. Possible walking tour?  Free afternoon to explore

Day 14 Flight to Iquitos.  Free afternoon to explore

Day 15 To Amazon Lodge and lodge activities

Day 16 Lodge Activities

Day 17 Lodge Activities

Day 18 Morning lodge activities.  Return to Iquitos. Farewell dinner

Day 19 Flight to Lima.  Onward arrangements or maybe a post night or 2

If you’re interested in ‘adding on’  a trip to the Galapagos, ask me and I can make some recommendations.



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                                          This is not an uncommon site in the spring and the fall of the year if you’re driving down Canada’s byways.  But the question of what it is does require some thought.  What you’re looking at is the result of …

Peru–Now there’s a place for you Kit!

                                           Many years ago I got some advice from a good friend of mine.  We were plowing through old National Geographics in the basement. As I recall you bought them by the pound from the second-hand shop.  The planet hadn’t changed much in my small lifetime so it didn’t matter …


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