What’s on the books for the next year

So there are a few exciting things in the pipeline.  In October I’m looking at another “Splendours of India” with Goway Travel. I’ve just finished watching Tracey Bragg’s video.  Tracey was a guest on the India trip in October last year.  Turns out she’s a pretty good photographer.  It was just like being there again. “An […]


Peru–Now there’s a place for you Kit!

                                           Many years ago I got some advice from a good friend of mine.  We were plowing through old National Geographics in the basement. As I recall you bought them by the pound from the second-hand shop.  The planet hadn’t changed much in my small lifetime so it didn’t matter one bit that they were […]

Earthdate January 23 2015 Rio Dulce Guatemala

It’s been a crazy couple of days.  I’ve taken care of business in Antigua.  The hotel (La Posada Merced) is much brighter than I remembered and I know everyone is going to love it.  More on that later.  Now with the business out of the way and the group not coming for a couple of […]

Earthdate January 19 2015 Denver Colorado

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ally at the United Airlines check in desk.  We’ve overbooked the flight today to Houston and we’re looking for volunteers to stay behind.  We can offer you a $400 United flight voucher plus accommodation and food vouchers tonight if you need them, in the mile high city.” Are you kidding?  […]