Earthdate February 3 2015, Antigua Guatemala

Ms Mexico 4 resizedOne of the things I remember clearly about Antigua Guatemala are the ancient gnarled cobblestone streets.  They make for great photos–at night just after it rains and you can see the window lights dancing across them like diamonds.

In the glaring light of day, they’re a bit precarious for walking and like any artistic impression, they are what they are in reality.  You watch where you walk, avoid the rough bits and steer clear of the dog poop.platform-shoes1

So there I am walking up from the Parque Central and loping towards me are the cast of what looks to be Miss Universe–or maybe Miss America,

Most are 5’7″ or 5’8″ tall to begin with, coiffed to the nines obviously dressed for a date with a television camera with sashes across them per country (yes Miss Canada is there) And they’re wearing these!  Or some version of these–stilletto, at least an extra 4 ” taller and tottering precariously across those unforgiving cobblestones while dodging doog poop.  Who comes up with these ideas???

Miss Mexico–pictured above–seems a bit put out–she’d been left behind at the Cathedral to do a photo shoot.  She has no idea how big a bullet she dodged by not having to join the rest on the walk through town!

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