Earthdate January 23 2015 Rio Dulce Guatemala

It’s been a crazy couple of days.  I’ve taken care of business in Antigua.  The hotel (La Posada Merced) is much brighter than I remembered and I know everyone is going to love it.  More on that later.  Now with the business out of the way and the group not coming for a couple of weeks, I thought I’d hop a bus to Rio Dulce and spend a few days chillin’ on the river.  I’ve never been there so the idea is quite exciting.

I picked Hacienda Tijax–the ‘x’ is soft in the gentle Mayan way based oHacienda Tijax reducedn a recommendation from Gerlinde who runs Posada la Merced.Great recommendation!  $21 USD a night for a beautiful little cabin-shared bath on a small creek  and a swimming pool!.  No bugs to speak of–there were mosquito nets over the beds if that became an issue.

So–what to do in Rio Dulce?  Well you can take the boat downriver $200Q if you go from the hotel–I suspect less if you go from the public dock across the river–will get you down to Livingston and back.  Plan for an all day trip.  It’s kind of a tour–the Captain will point out a few things as you go but really it’s the public bus.  I think the 20 minutes we stopped at some hot springs on the way was not how the locals on board were planning to spend their day.

What a great day!  Drifting through mangrove swamps and patches of lilly pads in the backwaters of RLilly pads reducedio Dulce on the way to Livingston.  One hour further on in a launcha, you’d come to Punta Gorda in Belize–which is exactly what Brian and Elly from Conneticut were doing.  Their boat was moored up in Placencia for repairs and they’d driven down to Punta Gorda , and hopped a launcha to spend a few days playing around in Giatemala.

Earthdate January 19 2015 Denver Colorado

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ally at the United Airlines check in desk.  We’ve overbooked the flight today to Houston and we’re looking for volunteers to stay behind.  We can offer you a $400 United flight voucher plus accommodation and food vouchers tonight if you need them, in the mile high city.”

Are you kidding?  I’m a couple of weeks ahead of the group so I’ll happily take advantage of that.  Often the best experiences are not about the destination alone.  The getting there is a big part of the equation.

So I’m ensconced in the Denver Renaissance in the middle of the Cattleman’s Convention and Stock Show.  There’s a boot cleanBoot cleanerer bolted to the ground outside each of the doors and country music in the lobby at the reception desk. Stetsons and bolo ties and “yes ma’am’s’ and  ‘y’alls’  in the lobby bar–glad I stayed.  I wouldn’t have missed his for the world.  I’m a million miles away from Guatemala tonight. Ye haw!

Adventures with Kit – Guatamala ’15

Guatamala is one of the most vibrant, colourful countries in all the world

La Merced

Come with me for three weeks through the highland villages and into the jungle where you’ll learn a little Spanish and live in the midst of this glorious culture. Guatamala travel is as cheap and authentic as you can get, so this is the trip of a lifetime for the intrepid traveler.

We’re leaving February 7, so get your bags packed!

Bienveiudo a bordo!

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