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Travel with all your Heart …

My name is Cross. Kit Cross.

Remember when they said Timbuktu was as far away as you could get?
Remember when they said Timbuktu was as far away as you could get?

And yes, my life reads like the location settings for James Bond films. Gorgeous. Remote (and not so). Breathtaking. From the serene to the chaotic. Mountain tops in Tibet to markets in Marrakesh. Even Timbuktu. My backyard is huge and I haven’t run out of places to get to yet.

Travelers like me rarely do.

Traveling with all your heart gets you in touch with the world at large and results in those magic experiences we love to read about. It’s being unafraid to immerse yourself in the culture, environment and the wonderful, warm, inviting people around you all over the world. It builds bridges of understanding — and grows friendships that can last a lifetime.

When you ‘travel with all your heart’, you can’t help but want to share the experiences. These days I’m hiring out as an Adventure Guide and a Tour Director. I’ll take you to places that don’t have Campbell’s Tomato soup on the menu. Places that don’t show up on the list of  ‘all-inclusive’ swim-up bars and American-ized hotel rooms. Not that I have anything against hot showers …

27984_422560612852_512667852_5435231_8200566_n[1]Over the last 8 years, I’ve escorted 5 star guests and backpackers alike, through the streets of downtown Lhasa, paddled the wilds of Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario, and sipped wine on a rooftop overlooking the Great Wall of China.  We’ve been charged by cows outside a temple in India, climbed steps three at a time (then a breath) at the Potala Palace in Tibet, burned ceremonial sage and listened to a native elder telling stories at Pyramid Lake in the Canadian Rockies. And we dipped our toes into the Pacific ocean to see if it was warmer than the Atlantic.

I know these places — I’ve been there, lived there, traveled them with all my heart, and made great friends. I return again and again, always finding something extraordinary and new to share.

I invite you to come along with me — on your trip of a lifetime!


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