We’re regrouping!

So COVID might have slowed us down, but we had sooo much fun on our Peru trip (November 2019) and we were sooo excited to do Myanmar (February 2020) that we couldn’t abandon the plan. Adventures with Kit has come up with a creative way to move forward.

We’re going to pretend 2020 never happened!

So what does that mean? This is all dependent on it being safe to travel and the world being ready to receive guests. Assuming all is well, the next Peru departure will happen in November 2021 and Myanmar is on the books for February 2022.

We will have to revisit the itinerary–the small family-run hotels and unique activities that are our trademarks, might not have survived the pandemic and we’ll need to look for others. This might affect the pricing but it won’t be much. We’ll stick to the expected months but we won’t know exactly what dates until later in the year.

You can be sure though, whatever we do will be extraordinary!

15 delighted guests from Peru 2019 can’t be wrong.! Is it your turn next? Drop us a line through the contact page or visit us on Facebook